Are you getting in the Easter spirit? Easter is a fun and colorful holiday filled with joy and so many activities for kids and adults – morning brunch, egg hunts and lots of chocolate!. It’s also a key sales period for many businesses and you need to reach out your customers in a new and […]

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we are always looking for new ways to rise above the crowd. It’s tough out there, and using your Facebook Cover Image to full advantage can make a difference! Sometimes it takes a little creativity to come up with a great Facebook cover idea, but this is a surefire […]

Do you feel peaceful when surrounded by green fields? Or perhaps slightly alarmed when staring at a red stop sign? That’s because color has the power to convey emotions, meanings and messages without words. Color has always been the most strongest and persuasive factor in influencing people’s behaviors and decisions. They impact how and what […]

This week the world celebrates International Women’s Day. As always, brands have already chimed in on social media with beautiful graphics, videos and messages to express the admiration towards the contribution of women that make us what we are. Within the past years we have witnessed a shift in the marketing focus. Instead of trying […]

Today, we’re excited to announce that we teamed up with GlowHost, a Florida-based web-hosting company to make our powerful graphic design tool DesignPro available for all their customers. It comes as an additional free feature of all hosting plans. New and existing GlowHost customers can grab it immediately. Every business that decides to embrace visual […]

Social media is getting SUPER crowded, which means it’s tough to keep followers and drive traffic to your website. To inspire loyal fans who love your brand—and become loyal customers—you need to deliver stunning content that really grip your audience. Sounds tough, but with the right strategy and tools, any startup can do it, no [...]
This is a step-by-step guide to creating eye-catching images for social media that drive engagement and leads – all without a designer. You are aware of the power of visual content. Yes, social media posts with images are proven to convert better than posts with no images. In a survey, 37% of marketers said visual [...]

The Love Fest is on its way. In the next week, you will have plenty to talk about in your newsfeed – ask questions, tell inspirational stories, share fun, interactive posts and promotions that make your customers LOVE you more. And we’ve got you covered as usual in time for the sweetest day of the […]

Today we discuss how to make best use of the biggest piece of visual real estate on your Twitter profile – your cover photo! It may sound simple, but a cover photo can make a big difference for your business. It can help you and your business better connect with fans and drive traffic to […]

For all of you, who asked us how to send out the digital Christmas card, you’ve created with DesignPro, we’ve put together a short step-by-step guide on how to prepare the email with the holiday greetings to be sent out to all your clients using Outlook, Thunderbird or MailChimp. Outlook If you are using Outlook […]