Turning Your Social Media Passion into Profit

Social media is taking people places. It has grown from a mere form of occasional entertainment strictly for leisure time to the most popular medium for marketing and promotion. Almost everyone is now on one form of social media or the other, and this goes beyond just communication or entertainment, but actual positioning of businesses and even promotion of government policies and actions. It is the ultimate winning tool for everything in our world today.

Today there are over two billion active social media users in the world (for more stats go to 50 Surprising Social Media Statistics In 2019). Looking at just Facebook alone, there are over 40 million businesses that have a presence there, promoting, marketing and transacting fully.

Many people have huge passion for social media and have the necessary people and communication skills to pool followership, friendship and attention from other social media. It would be unwise not to take advantage of this passion and actually make profit from your social media. This piece will highlight on 5 major tips on how to turn this passion into profits.

1. Choose A Niche:

People with social media passion tend to be passionate and dabble into myriads of areas. It could be sports, politics, news, businesses, entertainment. For you to be able to have a commercial success on your social media, you might need to carve a niche for yourself, so that people recognise you for a specific thing. You become the go-to guy for that, that way you sustain the attention to enable you turn this attention to profit.

2. Sell yourself:

Carving a niche is only the first step in your commercial success. The next important step is to ‘sell yourself’. Create a brand out of yourself. You’ve chosen an area to focus on, you need to show how authoritative and good you are, and how much of a buff you are in that area. If you are able to establish yourself as a brand, then people will be willing to invest in you, buy any product you might offer, or offer to market their product on your social media. This is one of the major life hacks exemplified by Anik Singal, who makes millions of dollars each year from social media and  quoted in his book, the Circle of Profit, that, “Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you.”

3. Consistency:

Your dream for commercial success on social media might be thwarted if you are inconsistent. You need to post regularly on topics in your line of specialisation that will sustain people’s attention.

Make every post like you are actually selling it, and flaunt your in-depth knowledge of that topic, making it as fun and attractive as possible. Schedule your posts automatically if you will not be able to post them yourself. Deploy the services of copywriters to increase your output and even the quality of your posts.

4. Monetise your pages:

There is no point talking about making profit on social media if you don’t have the right apps for securing payments. You should make sure that you have a funnel to lead people to take up your offer and take payment, sign up to your email newsletter and email sales pitches, create ad revenue from the page views and traffic you generate. Make sure that your traffic is converting into what you require them to do to make you revenue.

5. Get professional help:

There are many professional outfits involved in training people on how to achieve social media success. Your strategies alone might not be enough for the transformation you need and enlisting the services of these outfits will help fix a lot. Here at DigitalOcto we are running a 14 day trial and we are committed to helping digital publishers literally turn their passion into profits through trainings, courses and outreaches.