Have a look at today’s free fresh design picks, all available for you to edit and use in your social media campaigns this holiday season. The designs are made with love by our cool designers and cover the holiday season – starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and followed by Christmas. We will continue […]

For businesses and startups, the holiday season is the most important time of the year. If you are looking to achieve the highest possible profitability, you will need the latest best practices and cutting edge tactics to stay ahead of your competitors. And this guide will help you go through the strongest days of the […]

Thanksgiving is a special time of year. Time to gather with family and friends, feast on succulent turkey, and voice our appreciation.  Also, time for brands to launch Thanksgiving-themed social media promotions. Celebrating this holiday of gratitude with a Thanksgiving giveaway is an awesome way to show your appreciation to clients, customers, and fans. But […]

Halloween is coming up and now is the perfect time to start your Halloween preparation, come up with fresh and fun (and a little scary:)) Halloween ideas that will help you engage with followers and customers on social media, and show your lighter, fun side. Halloween is one of those holidays that have completely moved […]

9 Secrets Uncovered About Popular Pinterest Image

Popular pinterest image

Visual content isn’t the future of content marketing… actually it’s been here for some time now. And Pinterest is currently one of the top social media channels for visual content. It’s not a secret that Pinterest is the #3 social media traffic referrer behind only Facebook and Instagram driving more than 5x more traffic compared […]

Next installment of our weekly social media series As you know we started a series of articles to help small business owners, marketers and freelancers plan their social updates, create them, and schedule them to go live at optimal time without getting overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s really helpful to prepare multiple pieces of content in advance. […]

One more week is almost behind us, and we are ready to start planning for the next one. The truth is that we are all aware of the importance of planning out, but we rarely have the time to do so. However, scheduling part of your social media content in advance (at least a week […]

As a small business owner or a marketer you are always in a hurry. You have meetings. You run late. Unexpected things you have to deal with come up every now and then. In the meanwhile you need to come up with fresh and engaging ideas for your next social media update. You are desperate […]

It is that time of the year that parents are starting their back-to-school shopping ritual. As the nation’s second-largest spending holiday, the back-to-school season offers incredible opportunity for retailers. It’s estimated that last year produced $75.8 billion in sales, and that number is expected to increase in 2017. Apparently, parents are spending big bucks, and […]

Summer’s coming to a close and big and small companies are in competition to get their brand into the back-to-school spotlight. Parents and students everywhere are looking for new books, utensils, bags, clothes, sneakers, laptops or smartphones! What you might not know is that most of the consumers turn to social media first to make […]