Do you want to get consistent and predictable traffic and leads from social media?

by Elena, co-founder of DigitalOcto

I know you want to start CRUSHING it with social media in the second half of 2019 and get more dream clients, sales and revenue?

Summertime and the livin’ is easy… or so the song goes. But as the days grow longer and warmer, small business owners might want to be careful about taking it too easy during June, July, and August. The truth is that the season is actually a great time to do a half-year review and make some smart moves for your business while some of your competitors are in a summertime lull.

Have you hit some of the business goals you set out to achieve this year?
For me, I’m having a pretty great first half of the year in terms of growing my business.

There were some downs, however 😊

But what picked me up in those times was being able to wake up every morning and impact the businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Nothing gives me more energy or meaning 🙂

What about you?

I remember when I was starting out my first business almost 10 years ago (web development company) now, this time of year wasn’t really one to celebrate like I do now…


Well, because I’d make all these grand plans at the beginning of the year..

Then, I’d toil away for days, nights and weekends..

I’d barely take any time off..

I’d give my life and my soul for my business..

And then I’d get to December, look back, and I was in the exact same spot as the start of the year!

I was earning the same tiny amount.

I was working the same long hours.

And I was still banging my head against the wall trying to get things going.

I felt like I had wasted a year of my life.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s not a good feeling.

And, unfortunately, this is something many entrepreneurs – not just me – experience every December.

They put everything they have into their businesses throughout the year..
They sacrifice so much..

And they end up in the same spot.

It’s devastating.

But this year might be different for you and your business.

I truly believe that you can use the summer to get your social media marketing into the right direction and start CRUSHING it with social media in the second half of 2019. Get more clients, sales and revenue.

I am on a mission (this summer) to help 100 business owners with a customized social media strategy that will boost their social media presence and help them get consistent and predictable traffic from it.

It’s all on me.

All you need to do is take our social media quiz and I will analyze your social presence and send out the strategy.