Design Amazing Instagram Stories with DigitalOcto

Unique fully-customizable story templates for Instagram. Ready to be used. Built for storytellers.

Instagram provides brands an enormous opportunity to visually highlight products, services and their overall brand through Instagram stories that last up to 24 hours. They go into a separate space so you don’t have to worry about annoying your followers by over-posting.

Instagram is all about telling good stories. The better your story is, the more people engage, listen and come back for more.

With the right visual content strategy, you can get users engaged with your Instagram Stories. There’s always an angle to take with making beautiful, attention grabbing Instagram Stories.


Design templates for Instagram Stories

Your brand is awesome – and you have awesome things to share with your customers. So just go visual and start designing your first story.

With DigitalOcto’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop design tool you can easily design unique, eye-catching posts to share with friends and followers.

Create an account, take a look at our library of professionally created templates, pick one and make it your own. They are all build for you, crafted storytellers, marketers, bloggers, e-commerce owners that want to set your Instagram stories apart.


Design templates for Instagram Stories


Design templates for Instagram Stories