International Women’s Day is coming. Tell your brand story with amazing graphics

This week the world celebrates International Women’s Day. As always, brands have already chimed in on social media with beautiful graphics, videos and messages to express the admiration towards the contribution of women that make us what we are.

Within the past years we have witnessed a shift in the marketing focus. Instead of trying to hard sell products and services, brands are revealing their beliefs through the power of storytelling. Every one of their campaigns highlight different aspect of their brand’s values and missions.


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And as you can imagine, with this new trend deeply embraced by the big brands worldwide, some truly fantastic campaigns has been produced in the recent years.

To name a few:

Always #LikeAGirl – The #LikeAGirl social media campaign got 85m global views on YouTube and managed to change the way people think about the phrase ‘like a girl’.

Dove #RealBeauty – The Real Beauty campaign series had the intention to fight the ridiculous media perceptions of beauty that affect women’s confidence of all ages.

Women’s Aid – Look At Me  an amazing campaign that raised awareness of domestic violence and the role of Women’s Aid created by the charity organization Women’s Aid.

And why do we remember them? Because they made a huge impact on the society by sending encouraging messages to thousands of women across the world. They not only inspired the younger generations, but also raised awareness of women’s rights.

To help celebrate International Women’s Day, we at DigitalOcto prepared some inspiring pre-made design templates for you to pick. And do not forget to make your message more impactful to show your customers your brand values.

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