100 Killer Post Ideas For Social Media in 2019

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to generating social media content ideas? Not sure what you should post to actually get likes, comments and shares?

Well, I hope this list will help you never run out of social media content ideas again. (Also take a look at How to Write a Really, Really Clickworthy Status Update for Social Media)

This list of killer ideas covers just about everything you could possibly post on social media. From personal, to business-related, to promotional posts, to entertaining, everything you need to be inspired for a long period.

What’s more, the list is divided into categories so that you can pick an idea for the type of content you have decided to post for this particular day. You know mixing different types of posts is what matters most on social media and keeps your fans engaged.

Bookmark this post and pull it up the next time you go to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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Your company:

1.Share your own story or a story about the company

2. Share your company’s achievements and industry awards

3. Share a photo/ video of your company’s office

4. Share your company’s milestones

5. Share your company’s birthday

6. Share a photo/ video to show your company’s people & culture

7. Share your company’s latest news and announcements

8. Share a new job listing/ advertisement

9. Share an announcement of a new hire or a new team member

10. “Take a trip down memory lane” and share about the early days of your business

11. Introduce a particular employee/ team member by creating a video or a short post

12. “Employee of the month”

13. Share the vision and mission behind your business

14. Share links to your other social media profiles and ask your followers to join you there

Customer testimonials/Opinions/UGC (user-generated content)

15. Share a customer review/ testimonial

16. Interview a customer/ client

17. Ask your audience for reviews or testimonials

18. Ask your customers what products or services would they like to see you offer

19. Ask for customer feedback about a new feature, project, event, or your post

20. Share user-generated content: find what other people talk about your brand and re-share these posts with your audience.

21. Fan photos: Search for hashtags related to your business or products, and share a customer photo on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest

22. Fan of the month: Acknowledge your brand ambassadors and let them know they’re appreciated.

23. Ask for stories about your product– create a contest or post asking customers for interesting stories about them using your product, or how it has affected their life in some way.

Resources from other sources:

24. Share an industry news: stay on top of breaking news and be among the first to report it. According to recent research, 2/3 of Americans now get their news from social media.

25. Share a helpful resource from others

26. Share a quick tip/ advice in your industry

27. Share an interesting industry research/ finding

28. Give a shout out to another local business or organization

29. Promote a partner or a brand that supplements your business

30. Link to an industry-related IFTTT recipe: Haven’t heard of IFTTT (short for If This Then That)? You need to check it out. Then share a link to a recipe your followers would find useful.

Fun and engaging posts:

31. Share an intriguing photo and ask your audience/ fans to guess what it is

32. Share quotes – Humorous, inspiring or motivational quotes always perform well

33. Share something fun like memes or GIFs (T.G.I.F)

34. Share an upcoming holiday

35. Share a seasonal fact/ photo/ video

36. Hold a quiz

37. Hold a contest

38. Host a giveaway

39. Create a poll and get the opinion of your fans

40. Hold a debate about a topic

41. Fill-in-the-blank with topics varied from business/product related to Industry related to holiday & festive to random.

42. Share a shocking statistic or fascinating fact

43. Share a favorite book

44. “A day in the life” of a designer/ developer/ director/ CEO

45. “Caption this” and ask your fans to come up with creative captions for a photo

46. Ask a close-ended or Yes/No question

47. Ask a True/ False question

48. Share a photo of something that is funny, interesting, thought-provoking, sweet

49. Start a 30-day challenge


50. Share a photo/ video from an event/ workshop/ conference your company attended

51. Promote an event your company is going to attend

52. Share an event your company is hosting

Blog post and other content (your own)

53. Share the latest blog post from your website

54. Reshare an old, high-performing blog post

55. Repurpose an old resource in a new format (for example, convert a long blog post into an infographic)

56. Share (and ask for) predictions about a current event and happening: For instance, “I predict that Germany will win the World Cup. Who do you think will win?”.

57. Do a post series about a relevant topic

58. Get your employees to create their own photo/ blog post/ video and share their thought

59. Share a funny or emotional story relevant to your business

60. Share the top myths surrounding your industry

61. Run a monthly/ weekly series (roundtable, podcast, AMA, etc.)

62. Recommend a tool: Share a (preferably free) tool or resource you think your followers would find useful.

63. Post a branded image: post a funny or inspirational image with your logo or website URL on it. You can easily create amazing graphics with online editing tools like DesignPro

64. Link to a case study

65. Weekly round up: Post a list of the ‘must read’ articles for the week.

66. Post an expert quote: Ask an industry expert a question and post their answer on social media. This is great for getting retweets and shares.

67. Offer a sneak peek: Whet your fans’ appetites by showing a sneak peek of an upcoming blog post, contest or product launch.

68. Respond to a tag or mention: See who’s been trying to get your attention and respond to them in a post.

69. Post a screenshot of a social media conversation (with permission): Add your own thoughts to the conversation.

70. Tips– Write a how-to guide to help your audience, tips for saving money, getting organized, or places to see on vacation.

71. Themed days – Motivational Mondays, FAQ Fridays, etc.

72. Predictions – People love reading about what the pro’s predict, so share your insights

73. Q&A session  – Take questions from your audience on social media and turn into a question and answer session to increase engagement and provide exceptional customer service.

74. Statistics or data: Share new, relevant industry statistics (these perform great in terms of retweets and shares)

75. Share a how-to/ tutorial explaining how a feature or tool works

76. Share your own or curated infographic

77. Share a link to your free resources (ebooks, white papers, infographics or other downloadable content)


78. Share a personal thing like where you’re going during the day, or what you did yesterday

79. Share an excerpt from a book you’re reading

80. Talk about success and how to achieve success

81. Talk about failure and what not to do to avoid failure

82. Share a checklist to achieve something

83. Share your opinion about an existing problem in your community/ society/ country

84. Tell about your mistake, what you lost and what you learned

Your product

85. Promote your products or services:  You need to be very careful when it comes to promotions. There’s a time and a place for self-promotion on social media, but first and foremost, use social media to build relationships, establish trust, and build your reputation as an industry expert. When people do want to buy, who do you think they’ll come to first?

86. Product comparisons– Compare your own products against each other, or share your comments about a line of products.

87. Ask your fans to upload photos of them using your products and tag your company

88. Post a creative/ unexpected use for your product

89. Share a photo/ video of your product

90. Share a list of Do’s and Don’ts about your product or service

91. Product photos: Work best on sites like Pinterest or Instagram. Think about how you can add a unique angle to the shots (e.g. an employee actually using the product, a customer-submitted photo, etc.).

92. Recommend your favorite products: If you’re an e-commerce site, share a list of your top sellers or highest-rated products. If you’re a service provider, share a list of the products that help you succeed in your business.


93. Share a limited time offer on a product or service

94. Run a social-exclusive offer

95. Splash offers work well

96. Sale offers related to holidays

97. Share your own creatives – banners/newsletters//ads

98. Share deals and discounts

99. Promote free delivery

100. Share freebies