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How It Works?

Select the hashtags that best suit your business and our tool will set up a targeting strategy that will work to find the correct people to connect you with.

You will work daily on your Twitter account to make connections with the ideal people that we discovered for you every day.

Retweets are a big part of Twitter’s appeal. You will be suggested relevant content to like and retweet and thus to keep the conversation going.

Within 48 hours of getting started, your Twitter accounts will start to receive a steady stream of new and targeted followers.

Keep the perfect ratio of followers. The rule is simple: your number of followers should outweigh the number of people you’re following.

Nothing of SocialGrowth is automated. You have full control over who to follow and what to retweet.

Fuel growth and build deeper relationships

Enhance your SocialGrowth with DigitalOcto’s set of products and get a complete, easy–to-use Twitter growth management system that helps you build engagement, increase brand visibility, boost sales, improve conversions, and more.

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Create branded visual tweets

The first step to success is the content you share with your targeted users. Visual content grabs the attentions and get more tweets and retweets.

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Keep a steady posting schedule

With Twitter, the most important thing is to be consistent and not have any major gaps between posts. Create a calendar and schedule all your posts for a week ahead.

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Get targeted followers fast

If you don’t have a lot of Twitter followers, you won’t see the marketing impact, you want to. You need real followers who are on Twitter every day and interact with your tweets.

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Road To Success

A complete, easy–to-use Twitter growth system that helps you build engagement, increase brand visibility, boost sales, improve conversions, and more.


  • Increased engagement
  • More leads and website traffic
  • Boosted brand awareness
  • Become an industry influencer

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Three powerful tools that work together to grow your Twitter real fast. You can expect 65% increase in new active followers that are on Twitter and are ready to engage with your well-crafted visual tweets you plan and schedule for a week ahead.



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What our customers have to say about us

“Before I discovered SocialGrowth I had used Twitter for more than a year without any significant result. Now I invest the same amount of time and efforts (or even less), but I gain a steady flow of new leads for my business every day.”

Jeff Haden, owner of


“My Twitter presence has grown from 50 to more than 2000 within a couple of months and I can see an immense increase in traffic and leads coming from Twitter.

Absolutely fabulous tool.”

Linda Balwind, owner of


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