VIDEO! Video…video… is the name of the game …

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Do you know what all successful entrepreneurs have in common?

They all do video marketing.

Not just that, they do it purposefully.

No matter what size your business is or what niche you are in, if you haven’t taken social media video seriously, it’s about time you do so. STOP leaving money on the table. START leveraging social media video marketing to grow your business.

But do this strategically.

You can’t just shoot random videos. By now, you should know that one-sized-fits-all-videos strategy doesn’t work…

But what is the secret behind a smarter social media strategy?

Create videos with your specific audience in mind and remember, there is three types of audiences you need to reach by creating three different types of videos:

Type of audiences | DigitalOcto

  1. Step 1: Cold audience.

A cold audience is any audience that has not interacted with your company.

Why are they called cold? Because they know nothing about you, and are unlikely to make a purchase right away.

The purpose here is to create brand awareness. At best, you need to focus on videos that explaining a problem and then give the solution.

  1.  Step 2: Warm audience

A warm audience is a group that has some sort of interaction with you. Some people measure this as seeing an ad, but you should consider likes, shares and comments as interactions because they are trackable and measurable.

At this step you will have to find a way to engage them by telling origin stories


  1. Step 3: Hot audience

At this step you will have to convert your audience into paying customers by killing their objections.

Follow this strategy and your videos will have the RIGHT message delivered to the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time.

When done right, your social media videos can actually act like a funnel that helps you win more business by letting you:

  1. Catch the attention of your target audience
  2. Connect with them using valuable content
  3. Pitch them a relevant offer by the end
  4. Convert them into a lead or sale


Bonus tips when you upload your videos to Facebook:

  1. Create playlists of videos: Make it easy for people to find similar videos.
  2. Add a featured video: You can pin a video to the top of your page to introduce your brand or highlight a new product.
  3. Upload videos directly to Facebook: Native videos give you analytics and better visibility in the feed.